someone good

by warm depths

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released January 30, 2017



all rights reserved


warm depths Nashville, Tennessee

camille townson

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Track Name: once I pretended we were dating, now I forget that I love you
the willows bend down just to touch your face and the angels sing your breath i hear it echo through the space between the lines on the palms of your hands and the line of seafoam where the ocean meets the sand

writing love songs for you through the night try to come to terms with my own life
each day i work to accept all my failings as beauty not my flaws

i see your flaws more every day you know lucifer brought light before he fell from grace cant seem to escape your aching gaze they say the light you brought will only dim and fade

writing love songs for you through the night try to race the dying of the light each day i work to accept all your failings as beauty not your flaws
Track Name: E.E. Cummings (for camilla)
i always write in lowercase oh i know im a waste of space i swallow swallow swallow til i'm nothing
e.e. cummings is my dad oh i have never felt so sad as when you told me told me i was something
follow the path of grasshoppers and envy the life of flightless birds a sprawl of letters assigned meaning
speak so little but have so much to say like maggie and milly and molly and may a glimpse, a glance is often fleeting
i carry your heart with me in mine all tangled up with our names intertwined
the suns with the moon when you sit by my side oh the suns with the moon when you sit by my side