house arrest

by warm depths

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released November 8, 2016



all rights reserved


warm depths Nashville, Tennessee

camille townson

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Track Name: moonsong
i haven't felt myself the past five years
now i know there's something evil in all the people i revere
and i'm blacking out from cheap vodka and warm beer
with my heart all swollen but my head is finally clear
with my heart all swollen but my head is finally clear

with our hands clutched one is made from two
and when i wake up i still care for you
the dreams i dream under the yellow moon
will melt and fade before they bury you
will melt and fade before they bury you

with my heart on the sidewalk
i kneel to pray
that i'll have the strength to kiss you
some other day
with your hands in your pockets
i hear you say
that i'm better off with anyone else
Track Name: lily
i only lie cause you like me to and i devise schemes so i can talk to you my legs long like spiders in my cluttered room and my heart flutters when i walk by you
i wonder if you'd speak to me with a voice like wind chimes through the morning breeze you'd know that you could always leave i hope you wouldn't but you could always leave
Track Name: autumn blues
i don't go driving whenever it's raining outside
i'm on a slippery slope contemplate suicide
i wish i could see some small sign that you were alive
i wish i could see some bright light behind your brown eyes
we were windswept waiting for the fall
i said i cared but i didn't care at all
we were so in love since the day that we met
now you're smothering me
oh i wish you loved me less
you say i only want you around when i have time to kill but i don't know where you get off telling me how to feel the sky turns to grey the sun fades and i can't tell what's real i'm startled and shaken when you say i love you camille
i love you!
Track Name: house arrest
rain falls from my gutter softer than the flutter of a butterfly in spring
all the faces that i draw with marker on the wall their eyes stare back at me
house arrest
house arrest
now i never leave my bed never get up and dressed forget to brush my teeth
all my clothes they go unwashed and though the door's unlocked I never choose to leave
house arrest
never leave my room in winter cause i'm so depressed
house arrest
Track Name: i'm not sick i'm 17
obsessing over all our old text threads
try my best to parce out exactly what you meant
when your body language contradicts the words you said
looked like a fool in front of everyone I met
oh i looked like a fool
i looked like a fool
but i'm not a fool
no i'm not a fool
but i'm not as good as you
i'm not as good as you
no i'm not as good as you
i'm not as good as you
cold heat in my chest when i'm feeling touched
a vermeer on the screen when i look back up
i'm seventeen now will the world interrupt i'm a teenage girl too
do you think i'll go nuts