by warm depths

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this album is sad because I'm feeling turbulent


released June 12, 2017

s/o bonnie for album title and ava for helping these sound manageable



all rights reserved


warm depths Nashville, Tennessee

camille townson

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Track Name: dreams of home//gemini
I didn't do a single thing
I studied air traffic and cable TV
Dandelion fields at my elementary
Destined to go home but desperate to leave

I rolled in the snow, just Ollie and me
Fingers stained red from strawberries
Fourth of July, Liam punched out my teeth
Swollen and bloody but happy to breathe

I dream of home at least twice a week
Even when you smile you seem mad at me
I don't miss the days you'd come home screaming
Even when when you're nice it hurts my feelings
Track Name: 14, again
I am sitting silent on my mom's porch again
Counting down the days til I miss you again
Tally up the ways to escape the mess I'm in
I've been feeling dumb, been feeling 14 again

I am huddled up and I've been shivering
Used to miss the heat of your breath on my skin
At night I hug myself and pretend it's you again
I've been feeling dumb been feeling 14 again

I'm not that bad, I just don't know what I want
I'm shivering on summer sidewalks, forgetting how to talk
And I'll expose my feelings to anyone who'll hear me out
(Oh my god my mom, when I was a kid, she was like, actually the best, until like)
I'll tear out my heartstrings and I'll force them in your mouth
Track Name: sweet water
I remember years ago when we were both in love
But he won't tell me that he does so maybe my dumb brain made it up
If I could get the coward to get back out and open up
My heart would fill with sweet water and my love would drown my lungs
Track Name: roses bloom
In my mind
I'm on his back porch for the last time
There are days I never leave his side
They're in my head but it's the same in my eyes
Wait til roses bloom
Track Name: january (i'm glad it's over)
pink palms and chapped lips
my mom says I'm a masochist
cause I don't want anything easy
and I won't fall in love if I like it

when I first met you my heart skipped
and my palms sweat when we first kissed
but now I feel sick when I see you
pulled my heart off my sleeve and my skin split

I'm falling out of love
curled up in your arms
not this naive when you're gone
all tangled up i'll move on (x2)
Track Name: gaining perspective
emil est un papillon de nuit
I look at his loose teeth, I see me
our conversations turn as we turn down streets
I miss you, you say you miss me

when I look at her I see
my boyfriend staring back at me
and I can't help but feel guilty
that I miss her when he's in bed with me

When you open up I see the cosmos waiting there for me
I could love you endlessly if I bothered
I don't know if I love you and I don't know if you do too
I long to be close to you but I'm smothered

Don't you know I'm leaving you?
Why don't you care? its your life too
I'm scared as fuck, so why aren't you?
Don't forget, I'll forget you soon
Track Name: real small (estuary)
I'm at the place where the tide meets the stream
Where i'm growing out of this town but i'm really scared to leave
So I'll drive around the city and I'll walk through all the malls
Cuz some nights I wanna feel big but tonight I'll feel real small

Tears are sliding down your face til they meet on your chin
and you're missing all your old friends like you're missing oxygen
with an aching in your chest
and you're taking in big gulps
cuz you're feeling really empty and you forgot feeling full

there's an aching in your chest
and you're taking in big gulps
cuz you're feeling really empty and you forgot feeling full
So we'll drive around the city and I'll walk you through the malls
Cuz some nights we wanna feel big but tonight we'll feel real small